March Saloon Night Trivia Competitive



Wow – nothing like March Madness – Soldier’s Home Style!  The fierce energy at the Duke-Wisconsin NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Match had nothing on Saloon Night Trivia  this month!  The April theme was, appropriately, college sports, and it was neck-and-neck as the teams battled it out for first place.  In the end, team “College Basketball Sucks” (see picture!) pulled out the win and much fun was had by all.  Join us next month for a Cinco de Mayo celebration and live music!


Plus here’s a few photos of Spring at the Soldiers’ Home.



Happy Hour at the Soldiers Home


3-31-2015enjoying himselfIt’s Spring!  It was clear at Happy Hour on March 31st that everyone is looking forward to spring – and looking forward to seeing the familiar faces among residents and volunteers.

Residents enjoyed conversation with each other, with the volunteers, and joking around with all of us.  It was great to have a group of women from Zeta Phi Beta join us – and the residents enjoyed chatting with them.  Come and join us the first Tuesday of every month – and we’ll see you soon at the Spring Fling.

3-31-2015 Zeta


March Jingo has Abundence of Little Ones



IMG_1501A great turnout for March’s sports themed Jingo and we had an abundence of little ones  who joined in to help!  Lori’s sorority sister friend, Elizabeth Lloyd came to meet veteran, Elizabeth Lloyd and they enjoyed their time together immensely.

(Photos by Lori Lincoln)





IMG_1493Caption: Kathleen and Auggie came to meet Marvin Archer and sprech ein bischen Deutsch (speak a little German).

February Jingo Features Fairytales and Fables


JingoOur Jingo theme last month was Fairytales and Fables and to set the mood we were relocated to the top of the Scott Building in the 3rd floor recreation room. (Due to a water pipe bursting below not so that we could let down our hair). The clues covered a wide range of story lines so every resident and volunteer was able to participate in sharing an answer and explaining the story it came from. As always we are grateful for our fantastic volunteers and look forward to seeing them return for our March Jingo event!





Presidential Pub Trivia the Highlight of Saloon Night


The Friends of the Soldier’s Home ushered in the month of Presidents with a rousing round of Presidential Pub Trivia at our monthly Saloon Night. Just like the Superbowl, Trivia came down to the wire with a two-way tie for first place between Team Stagehounds and Team Snowflakes. After a grueling tie-breaker, it was Team Snowflakes that brought home the win! Everyone enjoyed the food this month – special thanks to our friends at the Hitching Post for the donated fried chicken! See you next month for some Mardi Gras Madness!

Saloon Night 1Saloon Night 2Saloon Night 3

Cold Outside, Warm Inside At First Happy Hour of 2015


Happy Hour at the Soldiers Home started up again in the New Year on Tuesday, Jan. 27th. No dancing this time but a very pleasant evening indeed! Several conversations went on in earnest, and staff coordinator, Carol, provided the jokes and quiz questions. Soft drinks, beer, and a mix of residents and Friends of the Soldiers Home loved talking about the snow! Thanks to FOSH volunteers Rebekah Tosado, Tim Jones, Lori Lincoln and Liz Cocke for helping to make this happen on a cold January night!




Friends, Veterans Do Military Trivia Together — Everybody Wins


Jingo-2After a brief detour to bingo last month, it was back to Jingo, a game like bingo that includes a trivia question. On Jan. 8, the theme was the Civil War. The DC Soldiers Home veterans showed they knew their history! Six volunteers helped veterans play the game and enjoy the evening. Mr. Donald Stout, a Coast Guard veteran, was the evening’s big winner. He had a large smile on his face as he was wheeled back to his room. Mr. Stout said he planned to spend his winnings at the store on popcorn and candy. This was the 35th time Friends of the Soldiers Home volunteers joined our veteran friends for a Jingo or bingo game. The next match is all set for Feb. 12. It’s just one more way to say thank you to our veterans who have served their country so well. If you would like to help at Jingo, drop a line to volunteerfriendsofsoldiers(at)

Photos and story by John Hughes.



New Year, Same Good Time at Saloon Night With Friends


saloon6he first Saloon Night of 2015 was a hit. Beautiful singing and wonderful volunteers who came in to the Defender’s Inn on the DC Soldiers Home campus made everyone forget about how cold it was outside on Jan. 6. This marked the 20th Saloon Night, which has become one of the most popular programs Friends of the Soldiers Home offers — for both residents and volunteers. Mark your calendars: Feb. 3 is the next Saloon Night, and a great time is sure to be had by all at a “super” time of year. Write at volunteerfriendsofsoldiers(at) if you want to help!

Photos by Lori Lincoln.







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