Technical Glitches Don’t Stop the Fun When Residents, Volunteers Bowl



bowling1At Bowling Night With Friends on Aug. 16 we suffered a few technical difficulties, including broken lanes and frozen monitors. But we kept rolling right along! Lucky for us, Armed Forces Retirement Home staffer Carol Mitchell is a technical genius, and we know how to score the game by hand. Residents continued to wallop volunteers, easily scoring in the 100s. It’s a good thing residents and volunteers were on the same team! As always, the joy was in helping others (and in figuring out how to adjust that ramp just right to get a strike or spare)! Thank you to our volunteers — Rocelia, Lonell, Lindsey, John, Vivienne and Paul.

Story and photos by Lori Lincoln.


Hot Outside, but Cool and Fun Indoors at Jingo With Friends



jingo6It was 95 and steamy outside on Thursday Aug. 11, but inside the Scott Building at the Armed Forces Retirement Home-DC, it was cool and comfortable for games of Jingo. And a spirited set of games they were! AFRH staffer Amanda Jensema tested everyone on their knowledge of U.S. geography as part of the games. More than a few questions were met with periods of silence as everyone thought hard for the answer. But, whether the answers were right or wrong, smiles, laughter and fun were the end result. Thank you to Friends of the Soldiers Home volunteers Danielle, Rebekah, William, Stella, Kathleen, Terra and Tee for coming out and keeping company with fabulous men and women who have served our country so ably.

Story by John Hughes, photos by Tee Shorter.



Alan Bjerga Sing-A-Long Is Tough Act to Follow at Saloon Night


Saloon1When Friends of the Soldiers Home Board Member Zach Hartman heads to the Soldiers Home tomorrow to host a trivia contest for the monthly Saloon Night, he has a tough act to follow. Guitarist/singer Alan Bjerga, pictured, led veterans through a wide-ranging singalongfest at last month’s Saloon Night, including country, rock, pop and patriotic tunes. Alan performs each year at the July Saloon Night, and we are grateful he cares so much about the veteran residents of the Home to do this. In addition, 14 volunteers came out to enjoy cold beer, pizza and a heavy dose of friendship and companionship at the July event. It was truly a special moment when Alan ended the evening with a rendition of The Star Spangled Banner, and veterans and volunteers stood up ramrod straight and at attention. Friends of the Soldiers Home Volunteer Coordinator called it the best Saloon Night of the year! Can you top that one Zach?

Remember, Friends of the Soldiers Home hosts Saloon Night the first Tuesday of each month. If you would like to participate, drop a line to Lori Lincoln, who provided these photos, at volunteerfriendsofsoldiers (at) gmail (dot) com.





Upcoming! Join Us for a Jingo Game Thursday at Soldiers Home-DC



Jingo2We admit it — we were so busy promoting and talking about the July 4 celebration we got a little behind in discussing our other activities. Let’s start with Jingo. Our monthly Jingo game with residents happens this coming Thursday, July 14, at 6:15pm. Below are some previously unposted photos from one of our recent Jingos at Armed Forces Retirement Home-D.C. The photos show volunteers Kaiya and Karam having a lot of fun with residents playing the game, which is a combination of Jingo and Trivial Pursuit. (The trivia at this particular Jingo was about Grimm Fairy Tales. The group was reminded that some of those tales were indeed, grim!) Residents always have lots of fun, and that makes Jingo fun for us!

If you want to participate this Thursday, drop a line to Lori Lincoln at volunteerfriendsofsoldiers (at) gmail (dot) com. Remember, Jingo always happens the second Thursday of each month, so put it on your calendar and plan to come and have fun!


Jingo3 Jingo1

Rain Doesn’t Dampen Spirits at July 4 Celebration at the Soldiers Home



july42It rained and rained for the wettest July 4 of our five annual festivals held on this day. But the weather didn’t stop 1,500 hearty souls from coming out and enjoying DJ extraoridinaire Billy White and the awesome Music Messiahs band. Small children ran fast and free on the expansive driving range while many tried their luck at the fishing hole — and they found they had good luck indeed in such grey weather. We are grateful that Roaming Chicken and Captain Cookie food trucks came out despite the poor conditions. Lots of people enjoyed the treats and cold beer from the beer truck. We are so happy also that many Armed Forces Retirement Home-DC residents and staff braved the conditions to enjoy the day! We are particularly grateful to all of you on July 4! The day would not have been possible without the support of the Nam Knights and all of our other volunteers, and our sponsors, Anheuser-Busch and DCCX. Thank you all! And just as we were all about to enjoy the fireworks down on the Mall, mist and fog rolled in over the tree tops, showing that on July 4, 2016, Mother Nature indeed had the last word. But wetness didn’t dampen any spirits and we are so happy that so many from the community came out to celebrate Independence Day!





Rain Won’t Dampen Spirit, July 4th Celebration Still On!



In case you are wondering … yes, the July 4 celebration is on! The rain possibility reminds us why the Soldiers Home campus is so beautiful and green for Independence Day, but don’t let it prevent you from having fun. Weather forecasters are saying we might catch some breaks as we get closer to fireworks time. Come on out! See you there.


Friends Bowling Night Brings Out Caring and Fun With Every Roll


bowling4Bowling is really turning out to be a special program for Friends of the Soldiers Home, and our most recent game was no exception. Not only do the Friends and Residents have fun together, but the care and concern that they exhibit while making sure the less physically-able residents have fun, too, is tremendous! They practically look like engineers as they set up each roll. And nothing is better than everybody rooting for one another.

Bowling happens the third Tuesday of each month at 6pm. If you want to join us, write Lori Lincoln at volunteerfriendsofsoldiers (at) gmail (dot) com



Saloon Night Has Volunteers, Residents Dancing to Waymon Lucas Jr.


saloon5.We had a fabulous Saloon Night this month! Armed Forces Retirement Home-DC resident Waymon Lucas Jr. provided musical entertainment at the Defender’s Inn on the Home campus. The music encouraged several folks to hit the dance floor! As usual, Friends of the Soldiers Home provided the food, the drinks and the “friends” to enjoy the evening with residents. Everybody had a great time! Next Saloon Night — Tuesday evening, June 7. If you want to be part of the fun, write Lori Lincoln, who also took these wonderful photos, at volunteerfriendsofsoldiers (at) gmail (dot) com

saloon6 Saloon3 Saloon2


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